Infection Control and Safety


Dr. Mancuso has been at the forefront of patient safety stemming back to the 1980’s – before many of today’s common safety procedures were recommended or even required.

iunfection control and safety dr mancuso fair lawnAs always, we are concerned about the possible transmission of disease as well as other risks during treatment such as radiation exposure.  Using the recommendations of the American Dental Association, the Centers for Disease Control, and the New Jersey Department of Health, we continuously enhance our safety practices above and beyond all required measures.

Current safety measures include:

• Gloves, glasses, and masks as well as barrier clothing

• All instruments are autoclaved (steam-heat sterilized) and bagged until use

• Each and every autoclave process is tested and documented to ensure proper sterilization

• Hospital level (EPA registered) and ADA approved disinfectant is used on non-autoclavable surfaces.

• Disposable single-patient-use products are used whenever possible

• Appropriate disposal of contaminated waste is carefully contained, weighed, and carted by registered haulers to approved facilities for disposal.

• Distilled water-filled reservoirs provide water for patient care

• Continuous review and education of established as well as new methods and procedures

• Digital X-Rays system reduces radiation exposure

• Limited focus-field CBCT scans – offer a reduction in radiation of 10x to 30x compared to other dental cone beam machines

• CBCT quality assurance is performed daily, and annually by a NJDEP approved physicist for safety assurance