Dental Insurance

We are participating providers with the following dental insurance companies:

Delta Dental

For all other insurance plans, we will gladly complete all necessary insurance forms and submit them directly to your insurance company so you may get reimbursement. Insurance plans vary, if you have any concerns over your coverage please contact your provider prior to the start of treatment.

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Getting the most from your dental insurance

We want to remind you to take advantage of your unused insurance benefits, as most companies do not allow you to carry these over to the next year.

Most insurance benefits run on a calendar year, meaning on December 31st, any unused benefits are lost. You either use them or lose them.   If you are in need of dental treatment, but have been putting it off, it’s important to realize that you are not only risking more expensive and extensive treatment down the road.  Those are YOUR benefits! You have earned them by either paying for them directly, or working hard for them. Why throw them away? Why pay another deductible? Why wait and risk fee increases?

And if you do not have any recommended treatment, this may be the perfect time for cosmetic enhancements, like teeth whitening or bonding. By completing treatments before the end of the year, you can maximize your insurance benefits, while enjoying better dental health.